13 Oct 2013

     We marched, four of us, under a single half-moon eye, in a dry-ice October chill. We marched through a mapped maze of ten foot corn, over lumpy dirt in braided rows, turning ankles in the low light. I gazed up, straight up, beyond the tips of corn stalks, at Cassiopeia, her shape reflecting our zig-zagged path. I gazed up at the perfect moon. We laughed as we tromped, this familiar company, and I thought, my teenage self is so alive in this...

15 Jan 2013

“Do you know what constellation that is?”


I followed his gesture. Of course.




“No matter what, I look up and it’s the first thing I see. Always.”


“Not in the summer.”


He looked at me blankly.


“I could have looked first at the sky in that direction,” he continued, pointing west above the ocean. “But I didn’t.”


“You won’t see it in the summer,” I pressed, but he offered nothing, perhaps finding my fastidious nature tiresome, so I didn’t bot...

30 May 2012

(Originally published in Rock Cellar Magazine.)



It was late May 2010 when I found myself en route from Chicago to Louisville, encased in a bubble speeding through warm air and hazy sunshine.


My friend Zoran was behind the wheel of his little black VW, and I sat brimming with the quiet peace that comes with adventure, with the anticipation of seeing some of my favourite people and one of my favourite bands. It was a last minute free flight from L...

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